"People work together to ensure smooth operations"

Marine operations

Our department is a crossroad of different expertise. Port Captain, compliance, insurance and operations people work together to ensure smooth operations of our managed vessels and her cargoes.

Our daily mission is to avoid problems through pro-active prevention, assistance, support and close follow-up. Any day in shipping brings new issues unthought-of yet.

The combination of our long experience and in-depth knowledge is giving us the ability to study innovative tailor-made solutions with an open mind, always ensuring we respect regulations and our legal obligations.


Verba volant, scripta manemĀ !

Thanks to our network and long presence in the market, coverage is placed exclusively with main insurers through selected brokers.

Claims and legal cases are managed in-house and directly dealt with P&I Club and/or brokers/Hull Underwriters.

Bunker procurement

Bunkers are subject to price volatility and ever-changing regulations.

Our bunker procurement desk is always looking for the best quality-price ratio for fuel compliant with ISO standards and specific geographical regulations.

A constant follow-up of market trends and physical availabilities ensures best timing in our purchases.