"SQMS establishes the internal procedures among the managed fleet and the offices"

Our Safety and Quality department establishes the internal procedures among the managed fleet and the offices to implement the international and national rules. It monitors their implementation and provides the corrective actions when necessary.

A DPA (Designated Person Ashore as described in the ISM Code) and CSO (Company Security Officer) is in charge of reporting directly to the management level.

The health, safety and security of our crew and ships as well as the protection of the environment are of paramount importance to Suisse-Atlantique and it is achieved by keeping a dynamic SQMS manual with a high standard.

Our standards are:

  • Safe rules in the ships’ operations and the working environment;
  • Keeping a high awareness among our crew and office on safety matters and the protection of the environment;
  • Compliance with international laws and national regulations;
  • Training of onboard and shore staff in reference to our internal procedures;
  • Continuously improving the SQMS manual through direct onboard and office internal audits;
  • Implementing the proper corrective actions within the fleet and the offices when required;
  • Ensuring the SQMS manual remains pragmatic in its use and application;
  • Ensuring the emergency situations are responded quickly, properly and effectively.


Internal informant for wrongdoing can report directly to the DPA through a dedicated secured link guaranteeing their anonymity and protection.