Empowering seafarers for success


Crew management and training

Seafarer-Centric approach

At our organization, seafarers are at the heart of everything we do, contributing immensely to our industry's success.

Our approach is deeply personal, ensuring strong loyalty from our seafarers, supported by continuous training and career development opportunities.

Retention for Success & Growth

Our crew department is dedicated to attracting and retaining highly-skilled seafarers, ensuring our vessels meet international regulations and customer demands.

Prioritizing Collaboration

Communication is Key!

Collaboration between sea and shore personnel is paramount and remains our top priority. Through close partnerships with crewing agencies and regular seminars with top management, we ensure and maintain open communication and excellent support for our seafarers.

We foster a work environment that encourages career growth, allowing employees to embrace the present and confidently face the future.

The Critical Role of Crew Management and Training

Safety and Efficiency

The safe and efficient operation of our managed vessels hinges on meticulous crew management and training. We prioritize training and continual evaluation to develop highly skilled seafarers. We value seafarers' wellbeing and remuneration, ensuring high retention rates.


Our shore-based management team provides support to our crew, equipping them to fulfill their responsibilities with confidence. Continuous internal and external training, coupled with briefings, ensures that our seafarers' skills and knowledge remain up-to-date with changing maritime regulations.

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