Streamlined oversight of technical operations, maintenance, and fleet procurement


Maximizing Efficiency in Fleet Maintenance for Optimal Reliability and Profitability

Our Approach to fleet maintenance

Our dedicated team of experienced superintendents, with seagoing backgrounds, are monitoring every aspect of fleet technical activities, and aiming for the highest technical standard leading to an operation with almost no interruption due to technical breakdown.

Diversified Technical Services

At our company, we offer a comprehensive range of technical services.

Expert Team

Our team of technical, HSQE marine, and purchasers per group of vessels is supervised by an effective management team.

Services Offered

We ensure proper maintenance, repairs, surveys, and timely supply of spares provisions for each vessel.

Continuous Monitoring

Routine reports, frequent onboard visits, and inspections keep us updated on the performance and condition of our vessels.

Meticulous Planning and Execution

We conduct scheduled shipyard repairs with a well-developed work list that incorporates crew suggestions for improvements and upgrades.

Long term good relationship with significant number of the Shipyards around the world allows to maintain high quality and reasonable costs repairs. 

We are closely monitoring our vessels through frequent inspection by our technical team, ensuring an efficient maintenance and better proximity with the Seafarer and shore personal

Reputation & Dedication

Our reputation has been built over decades of providing quality technical and crewing management services.

Our dedication to quality and safety extends across diverse vessels. We prioritize the well-being and success of our people through continuous management support.

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